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We are not only the anchor chain manufacturer, our aim is to supply customer best service

Because of very bad weather or some wrong operation,or anchor chain performance declines due to the long service life.

the vessel may face lost anchor and chains during sea voyage and IACS surveyors require replacement.

At this time, the anchor chain stock is very important.


China Shipping Anchor Chain a leading chinese anchor, anchor chain and marine equipment manufactuer with IACS approval, we keep 50 ~ 122 mm anchor chain commonly used in stock can delivery in 1 ~ 5 days delivery.

In recent years, we offered lots of anchor chain stockist to help owners save time and money, we got lots of praise from the owner.


In November 2019 at 8 o 'clock our ministry of foreign trade salesman received a phone call from abroad maintenance, telephone inform other system.its recommend we have spot chain, customers want 100 mm chain told the ship dock after 7 days of guangxi fangcheng port dock only one day, ask after certificate need the number and form, the salesman immediately inventory manager, production manager, quality manager to check inventory q certificate see if that can meet the production, the final article summarizes the existing inventory, inventory of raw materials production and finally a summary about certificate inspection information to general manager,After sorting out the quotation, the customer informed the customer that we could complete the delivery to fangchenggang within 5 days and deliver it to fangchenggang within 2 days.The total time from receiving the call to giving feedback to the customer was 40 minutes, and the customer was very satisfied with the speed of our response

Now we have established a good relationship with the customer. The customer later informed us that they saved a lot of unnecessary costs due to our quick response and delivery time. Besides, our anchor chain is of very good quality, and the surveyor agreed to install and release it as soon as he saw our brand.

Shipping Shipping anchor chain perennial stock has a quick feedback mechanism for superior quality, shipowners and operators can rely on the brand.

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