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The material of anchor chain

Nowadays, there are many applications of anchor chain products, especially the demand for marine anchor chains is very large. Today I will take you to understand the materials of marine anchor chains. 

First of all, its main material is anchor steel, which is hot-rolled round steel or forged round steel used to manufacture electric welded anchor chains for ships. There are two main types of anchor chain steel materials, one is CM490 and the other is CM690. 

Next we look at the main characteristics of these two materials: CM490 has medium strength. High plasticity during cold deformation, good low temperature performance, acceptable weldability and machinability. Compared with carbon steel with corresponding carbon content, its hardenability is higher, the critical hardening diameter in oil is 4-15mm; CM690 has medium plasticity during cold deformation, and its machinability and weldability are acceptable, but before welding The parts need to be preheated to above 200°C. Wire drawing, cold heading and heat treatment have good performance and high hardenability. The critical hardenable diameter in oil is 6.5-18mm.

So what is the main difference between these two materials? CM490 has a tendency to overheat, decarburize sensitivity and temper brittleness during heat treatment. This type of steel has suitable hardenability, after suitable metal heat treatment, the microstructure is uniform sorbite, bainite or very fine pearlite, so it has a higher tensile strength. The advantage of CM690 in the quenching process is small deformation, but also overheating, decarburization sensitivity and temper brittleness. This steel has high strength, toughness and wear resistance after being modulated, and the static strength and fatigue strength are also good.

The above is the analysis and comparison of the two different materials of the anchor chain. I hope you have a certain understanding of the two materials. When purchasing the anchor chain, you can decide which kind of material should be purchased according to your own use environment and purpose.