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The root cause of the shipwreck

There are many root causes for the sunken ship with stalled anchor chains, and there are mainly the following categories:  

One is that the ship’s structural design and manufacturing are not very good, or the loading and actual operation are not good, resulting in poor stability of the pressure bar of the boat. The shipwreck accident occurs under the external force of the storm and the sea. The sea enters the engine room and the boat loses buoyancy. Shipwreck.

The second is that the boats sailing on the water due to poor actual operation, the boats tipped over or collided with each other, causing serious accidents, causing damage to the hulls and entering the engine room from the sea, causing the boats to lose buoyancy, and the ship was sunk with locked anchor chains.

The third is that ships sailing on the water, due to artificial root causes, are sunk by enemy cruise missiles, torpedo boats, torpedoes, time bombs, and deep-sea bombs in a naval battle, or they are scuttled by themselves because of war.