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Perfect Mooring Buoy project

  China Shipping Anchor Chain is not only an anchor chain manufacturer, but also an expert in mooring buoy projects. A sales person received an inquiry about buoy projects from an Australian customer one day. The inquiry included a complete set of mooring products, anchors, anchor chains, mooring buoys, shackles, ropes etc. As a professional manufacturer of pontoon projects, China Shipping Anchor Chain is very professional for such inquiries. And foreign customers are not professional about the products of this project, they don't know how to connect, only the products included in each project. Therefore, the salesperson started a departmental meeting for the quotation at the first time. The team members discussed and researched and sent a simple diagram of the connection of the mooring buoy to the customer. For similar projects, China Shipping Anchor Chain has done several times before, understanding the general structure and what certificates are needed, and also advise customers for suitable solution, and send the relevant certificates of this kind of project done before to customers for reference.

   When the customer received our simple drawings, certificates and other related materials, they were very satisfied and said that they had found the right person. After that, the customer confirmed the product information with the end customer. After there was no problem, China Shipping Anchor Chain made a quotation for the inquiry and told the customer the time point so that the customer could be prepared in advance when participating in this project.

  In the end, after 5 months of repeated confirmation of the details, the customer finally got the 1 million US dollar order. The customer reported the news to us as soon as possible, and is very grateful for our efforts during this period. When customers place orders for us, they don’t want any discount, because customers understand that finding the right supplier is more important than anything else. We will consider everything from the customer’s point of view, not only providing products to customers, What's more important is to help customers solve all problems and deliver products to customers perfectly and outstandingly. This is the ultimate goal of our China Shipping Anchor Chain.