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Anchor Chain Wholesaler in China

Material: CM370 CM490 CM690

Size: 22MM-162MM

Delivery: 1-3 days for urgent order,15-20 days for regular time

Our company provide:
1.Anchor chain and accessories (Stud Link Anchor Chain, Studless Anchor Chain, all types of shackles and connectors)
2.Mooring chain and accessories (Stud Link Mooring Chain, Studless Mooring Chain, Grade ORQ, R3, R3S, R4 )
3.Deck outfitting (Chain Stopper, Chock, Bollard and Fairlead)
4.Marine anchors (Oridinary Anchor such as Hall, Spek and Stockless Anchor, High Holding Power Anchor such as AC-14, Danforth and Pool Achor)
5.Offshore and agricultural anchors (Flipper Delta, Stevpris MK5, MK6 and Stevshark)
6.Offshore mooring buoy (Steel Structured, Foam Filled and Navigation Buoys)
7.Container lashing products (Container corner, Socket, Foundation, Twistlock, D ring, Lashing rod and Lashing chain)
8.Fenders (Yokohama Type Pneumatic Fender, Solid Rubber Fender for Quay)

78mm anchor chain and kenter shackle

Delivery Advantages:

1.Our factory is near to Shanghai port, and also near to Nantong, Jiangyin, Zhoushan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, we can deliver to the shipyard in short time;
2.We have agents in many provinces of domestic market, can deliver by nearest city;
3.We also have agents in abroad countries, can sell stock anchor chains directly.