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Marine Mooring Welded Bruce Anchor

Material: steel

Size: 500kg-30000kg

Delivery: 30 Days

Bruce Boat Anchor

High Holding Power (H.H.P.) Anchor, eminently suitable for use on high speed light craft where holding power to weight ratio is of utmost importance. anchor up to 25,000kg size. Complete self-righting ability even if it lands upside down.

Disassembles into two parts for easier, lower cost shipping. Fabricated construction allows anchor size to be exactly matched to customer needs, according to equipment tables.



Type Boat Anchor
Product Name Bruce Boat Anchor
Material Steel
Design Bruce Anchor
Weight (kg) > 500kg
Feature High Holding Power
Use Sea Going Vesels
Suit for High Speed Light Craft
Advantage Complete Self-righting Ability