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Steel Offshore Mooring Buoy

Material: steel

Size: As to customer requirement

Delivery: 30 Days

Steel Structured Offshore Mooring Buoy

We fabricate various buoy designs to suit different applications.

These buoys are mostly made to order and can be customized according to the project's application and requirements.

Buoys are usually expressed in terms of their reserved buoyancy.

The reserved buoyancy is equal to the weight of water displaced by the buoy when fully immersed less the buoy’s weight in air. Hence a buoy with a reserved buoyancy of 5 tonnes would be fully submerged if it is required to support a load of 5 tonnes. Since a fully submerged buoy would be very difficult to spot in the ocean with tides of different heights,

the standard practise is to allow an approximate load of between one third to half of the buoy’s reserved buoyancy, allowing the other two thirds to half of the buoy to be above the waterline and visible from a distance.

Our buoys are usually painted in bright yellow which is bright and contrast to the seawater, allowing it to be more prominent offshore. Surely our buoys can be painted in other colors as your requirement.

Water floating buoy/water floating platform
Structure SteelFilled with EVA Foam (Optional)
Bright YellowOther options available
Air tight test, MPI test