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Stud Link Anchor Chain in Shenzhen

Material: CM370 CM490 CM690

Size: 22MM-162MM

Delivery: 1-3 days for urgent order,15-20 days for regular time

Anchor Chain is widely used on ships, Oil Rigs and Mooring System. China Shipping Anchor Chain supplies wide range sizes and grades,

Grade U1/U2 / U3/U4 from 22mm to 162mm; Grade ORQ / R3 /R3S / R4 from 30mm to 147mm  Anchor Chain Accessories,Anchor Chain And Accessories

Anchor Chain Accessories Stock Advantage:

We have large stock for anchor chain accessories with all IACS class certificates, can delivery immediately.

1.Kenter Shackle2.Joining Shackle3.End Shackle4.Swivel5.Swivel Shackle6.C Shaped Connecting Shackle7.Slim Kenter Shackle8.Forelock Shackle9.Pear Shaped Shackle10.Buoy Shackle11.Swivel Group12.Triangle Plate13.Round Link14.Common Link15.End Link16.Enlarged Link17.Studless Link  Anchor Chain Accessories,Anchor Chain And Accessories

Arrangement of Anchor Chain

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