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Stud Link Anchor Chain in singapore

Material: CM370 CM490 CM690


Delivery: 7-30 Days

Studlink anchor-chains

We have brand new studlink anchor-chains from 30mm to 127mm diameters.

Studlink anchor-chains are used for permanent and emergency anchoring of ships and other floating installations. The studs ensure that every link comes into the gypsy in the correct position.

Chains for mobile offshore installations and drilling rigs are made of steel grades ORQ, R3, RQ3, RQ3S, R3S, R4, R4S or R4ST (grade R4 being the most common).

Accessories for anchor chains

Anchor chain accessories are:

  • Kenter joining shackles
  • Type D anchor shackles
  • Type D joining shackles
  • Swivel-forerunners
  • Type ASW swivel shackles
  • Baldt joining shackles
  • Ramfor connectors
  • Type Baldt pear shackles
  • Safety bow shackles
  • Mooring shackles
  • Thimbles

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